The Nursing Mama Mindset Ebook

Successful breastfeeding is different for every mama.

Discover what a successful breastfeeding journey looks like to you.

About Me

Boy mama 🙂

I am a mama to a beautiful baby boy, wife, registered nurse, dog mom and avid outdoors woman. I love teaching new moms new mindsets to shape their new life. Becoming a mom has been the single best thing that has happened to me, but has also been the hardest. Learn with me how our minds are our greatest companion and foe in making our lives purposeful.

What you get in the Nursing Mama Mindset Ebook

  • Thorough guide of everything you need to know to begin your breastfeeding journey
  • A mindset journey that will help you determine what a successful breastfeeding journey might look like to you
  • How to overcome physical pains you might have along the way
  • How to increase supply + recipes that you can try to increase supply